• Sandwich style bracket used for frame profile cross mounting.
  • Connects X-25/25 to X-25/25 profile.
  • Allows for full adjustability in two dimensions individually simultaneously.
  • Includes M5 socket head screws and channel nut.
Chart / Diagram
ABWeight (g)
KPL 18-18 L181852
KPL 25-25 X252568
KPL 25-50 X5025118
KPL 50-50 X5050189
KPL 40-40 JX4040143
KPL 40-80 JX4080~
KPL 80-80 JX8080281

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KPL 25-25 X Cross Joint Connector

  • Product Code: KPL 25-25 X
  • SAS Part#: E10544000
  • Piab Item#: 0213013
  • Availability: In Stock

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